Office Happenings

New Motorcycle for Malawi Clinic

Back in September we helped raise funds for Villages in Partnership to complete the construction of a full medical and dental clinic (opening June 2023). This clinic is in the most remote village, furthest from any other government or VIP sponsored clinic. Remember, this is in a place where the primary mode of transportation is walking. People walk for miles to get to school, the market, and even to access water. Our biggest challenge now is providing transportation for our Dental Technicians to this new clinic. They can’t walk there and still see 100 patients! Their biggest need was to supply them with a motorcycle that can be used to travel to and from our existing clinic to this new facility.  VIP was able to raise enough funds to provide them with that motorcycle.  Below is a picture of Wellington and Titus using the new motorcycle.  


Annual VIP Water Walk Fundraiser

We all know about Dr. Gradwell’s passion for helping the people of Malawi, Africa.  Villages In Partnership’s annual Water Walk 2022 fundraiser was this past weekend and was a huge success!! Thank you to everyone who made a donation to make this happen! The funds will go towards projects that give our brothers and sisters in Malawi, Africa access to clean water, sanitation, and proper healthcare.

Teeth in a Day

Here are 3 dental implant cases that we did this year as teeth in a day full arch treatment.  They are the before surgery and at the completion of the final teeth which are fixed onto dental implants and do not come out like removable dentures would.  These cases were done with the restorative dentist Dr. I. Jay Freedman in my Willow Grove office.  We also do these cases in the Allentown office as well.