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Patient's tooth x ray
X ray of dental implant
It is easy to take for granted the work our natural teeth perform — until we’re faced with tooth loss. A healthy smile contributes to your self-confidence and overall health. If you have lost a tooth or teeth due to an extraction, dental decay, or an accident, a dental implant can help restore your oral health and your smile. In addition, it can help restore your ability to eat and fill in any gaps in your smile. Our practice in Allentown, PA specializes in dental implant dentistry and periodontal care. Our owner and dentist, Dr. Scott A. Gradwell has devoted much of his career to providing patients across the Lehigh Valley with the latest in dental implant technology. Since opening in 1990, he and our team have incorporated state-of-the-art technology and procedures into our practice.

Dental Implant Full Mouth Reconstruction

Patient with dental implants smiling
X ray of mouth with dental implants

Computer Guided Implants: N-Sequence by Pikos Institute of Florida

This technology helps to ensure reliable and accurate planning for dental implant surgery. By utilizing a jaw CAT scan, the software allows for the 3D image of your jaw. This provides the best control over the planning of implant positions, size, and number of implants to best suit your needs. Once the case is planned on the computer, a surgical guide is ordered to make sure the planned result will be replicated in the real surgery.

Hybridge Dental Implants

If you are embarrassed about your smile or the functionality of your teeth just aren’t cutting it anymore, it’s time for a change. Hybridge dental implants are the life changing improvement you need. Hybridge will replace anywhere from one tooth to an entire mouth with beautiful, white teeth that are long lasting if properly taken care of. Hybridge dental implant bridges can restore your full dental function while also providing the highest levels of comfort and beauty.
Jim C., Hybridge Dentistry customer before dental work
Jim C., Hybridge Dentistry customer after dental work
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Dental Implants Locator Supported Overdenture

Dental implant overdentures are recommended for patients who desire a more stable removable denture that improves retention, function and speech. Locator Overdentures are placed over at least two implants and are supported by the soft tissue and can be removed by the patient for cleaning. This removable implant solution is recommended when the patient doesn’t have enough bone volume to support more dental implants for a fixed restoration case. This is also an excellent option for patients looking for a low-cost implant solution for a poorly fitting, unstable denture. The Locator Overdenture provides for improved retention via retentive caps that seat over Locator Abutments connected to the implants. For patients who desire a palateless maxillary denture, upper implant overdentures can be fabricated in the shape of a horseshoe, addressing patient issues with comfort, speech and taste.


Immediate-Load Dental Implants

This treatment option allows you to have your new implants and the replacement tooth placed in a single visit. Immediate-load dental implants combine specially-formulated implants with precision surgery. This, in turn, allows us to cut down on the months and months of healing time associated with traditional implants. Dr. Gradwell has received advanced training in order to provide this treatment to patients.

Bone Grafting

When permanent tooth loss occurs, it can result in deterioration of your jawbone. When this happens, it reduces your ability to receive dental implant restorations. Bone grafting offers a solution, by restoring bone structure and providing potential implants with a stable foundation. The bone is obtained either from a tissue bank or from another area of your jaw, hip, or tibia.

Compassionate, Personalized Dental Treatments

We work directly with your general dentist to coordinate the best care for you. Every service we provide is meant to complement your routine dental care. We are proud to foster a strong reputation for compassionate care and services to patients from throughout the Lehigh Valley.