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Dirty Dash Mud Run June 2014


(from Left to Right) Jasmine, Dr. Scott Gradwell, Rachel, Heather and Lauren Gradwell running through the creek as a TEAM.

On June 7th, Dr. Gradwell along with some of our staff got down right dirty! We entered and accomplished the Dirty Dash Mud Run held in Pottstown, Pa. It was an obstacle course set up at Camp Quebec that challenged our perseverance, questioned our abilities, yet strengthened our team bond. The Dirty Dash mud run puts you to the ultimate test by engaging in some of the toughest military boot camp techniques while also bringing out the inner child in you by simply…Getting Dirty! The dirty dashers said it perfectly when they said that you will, “…need endurance to trudge up mountains of sludge, courage to overcome uncompromising obstacles, a complete lack of shame to wallow in pits of mud and a smile to show through at the end.” Well, with complete confidence we can say that we did all four, and we are proud of it! Enjoy these muddy and fun-filled pictures that were perfectly captured throughout the race.

Dr. Scott Gradwell, “THE DOC”, standing up proudly while Heather Walp flashes a smile in the back!


Rachel Plechavy enjoying the ride down the slide.


Dr. Gradwell trudging through the mud!


Proud father/daughter moment!

Some more muddy moments…
dirty dash (3)dirty dash (7)dirty dash (5)
dirty dash (6)  dirty dash (13)dirty dash (4)
dirty dash (2)

Heather and Rachel triumphed through the mud while Jasmine tried to avoid it 🙂

We started as a team and finished as a team! This was an amazing team building experience and we are all so happy that we did it. Can’t wait for the next!
dirty dash (8)

-Lauren Gradwell, Dr. Scott Gradwell, Rachel Plechavy, Heather Walp and Jasmine George