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I went to California as a request of Implant Direct’s President, Mr. Tom Stratton. It was an honor to be invited to the corporate center as well as the manufacturing plant of the dental implants that we use here in our office.  It dawned on me, while I was there, that the implants we use in our practice are state of the art and “made in the USA”.

I had the pleasure of meeting their research and development team. The Vice president of research and development, Ines Aravena shared with us the impressive ideas that are in the pipeline in Implant Directs future.  I am so excited that I am part of the Implant Direct family and I appreciate all they do for us to allow for the best positive outcome for our patients.
 Alison, Implant Direct Representative
Also, I had a tour of the manufacturing plant which mills 6,000 parts per day. Most of these parts are milled from Titanium and I saw the titanium rods that eventually become Dental Implants

    Mr. Edward Novak, Implant Direct 
With any good trip there is food.
I had a wonderful dinner with the Vice President of the company, Mr. David Painter. He is an insightful leader in the company and with his leadership Implant Direct will continue to be a leader in Implant Dentistry here and abroad.  It was a wonderful couple of days in Thousand Oaks California.  I concluded my trip to California by taking the train down to San Diego to attend the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.  It too was a great meeting which I attended 15 hours of continuing education on the future developments in Implant Dentistry.

Scott Gradwell, DMD.